Sunday, 18 November 2007

Welcome to Engage!!

hi everyone! Welcome to engage blog!!

Engage blog is for people who want to:

i) Explore issues of justice, mercy, faith and hope from a Christian perspective and how they might change us and through us the world
ii) Dare to think that by doing this we might find out a bit more about what it means to be a human being, in a community and on this earth

We meet for chats in the pub and at people's homes from time to time.
  • We want to engage with real life issues that are important to us.
  • Its dialogue, rather than monologue.
  • No one tells anyone what to believe. It is about trusting you with the responsibility to make your own moral judgements, even if that is different to received beliefs.
  • It is for people of all faiths or none.
  • All questions and comments are acceptable, except those which are disrespectful, rude or overbearing.
  • We hope it will not just be a talking shop, but a springboard for action in the community.
  • We are happy to not always arrive at answers, but we don’t value our ignorance as an end in itself.

A few things you might like to know about this blog:

  • If you want to post on the blog, you need to tell me and I'll send you an invite to do it.
  • Anyone can read this blog.
  • Anyone can make a comment.
happy blogging!

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