Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Getting down to it!

So we're clear about the vision, we know where we'd like to be - we'd like to be participating in radical action for justice on behalf of the disadvantaged. We'd like to do our spirituality in that context (if you haven't read "A vision for engage", read that first). But.... what are we going to do? How can we fit into our already busy schedules more things to do? We are a tiny group, what prospect do we hope to have of achieving anything?

We want to be a community of action, but we are in danger of being a talking shop. How can we move from where we are, to where we would like to be.

I like the way one guy sums it up:
"If you want change, do two things: clarify your ideas and get friends".

He was talking about Jesus, but I think it pretty well sums up what we need to do.

1. Clarify the vision. I think we're doing that now!

2. Get friends. Let's get seriously stuck into some networking - find out what there is out there that we can get involved in and find people who are like minded who can join us.

3. Let's be honest about what we are offering. We are a small group, full of ideas, but short on time and resources. Sometimes we'll be sharing those ideas with each other, knowing we can't possibly hope to put them into practice at present, in the hope that someone might. Is this the same as a talking shop? I hope not.

lets get down to it


DS said...

Nice one Mark

For me its

* What can we be / do in light of the needs God shows us and what he has made us / gifted us with

* How can we network & build relationships with others so they can inspire us on all levels and we can share our actions and thoughts & ideas etc with others who might be able to do something with them that we can't

rache said...

I've just started reading a book called 'A Mile in My Shoes' by a south african christian who seeks to cultivate 'an attitude that sees the living Christ in all things, especially in our encounters with those who suffer.' I'll post about it properly when I've read it but I think some of what he's getting at is the reciprocal nature of engaging with those whom we might regard as disadvantaged compared to us.
I think this is really important to humbly recognise perhaps in the context of identifying a vision and has bearing on the spirituality/activity thing you talked about in the other post.
Make any sense?

mark said...

Yes, Good point about the reciprocal nature of engaging with 'the dissadvantaged'. We need to engage with them for the sake of our own souls, not just theirs, because Christ is where they are. They have a clearer perspective from which to view life, the Bible and spirituality.