Monday, 20 April 2009

Been a long time.... (3 months in 1 post)

I'll try and condense everything I intended to post but didn't get round to into (as close as I get to normal) sentences:

  • Got a new Job - Corporate Responsibility - doing good (trying to) feels good doesn’t it?
  • Israel / Palestine - read Esther - violence (without God) is cyclical - that’s what's so radical about the Jesus story - refusing revenge = chance of change
  • Light is a powerful universal symbol that we miss because we can flick a switch
  • I wanted Easter to be a 're-personalisation' of a transformative story / person /(ongoing) event
    Taking up your cross is not about (the myth of?) 'redemptive' suffering (the cross = general suffering association is later) it’s about going up against the dominion system and the 'way' of transformation through death/resurrection
  • I don't miss the blogosphere because - as U2 sing on up till now disappointing new album, ' your enemies will define you' / real people matter more
  • I do miss the real people on the blogosphere
  • Write a Book = vanity v useful ?
  • My old church was great
  • Is there a balance between reconciling oneself to not being able to change everything and wanting to change everything?
  • Too many good books to be read
  • Is it only me that one day thinks its all made up, one day thinks its all true, one day doesn't care but just want to get on, one day doesn't think at all etc etc?
  • Individualism is its own worst enemy
  • Justice / Holistic Worship / Proclamation?
  • Rowan was profound when he said that God doesn't promise to stop us ruining stuff (God is not a responsibility mop (the Gospel is as much a responsibility distributor as receptacle)
  • Easter = Love wins/ Life = trying to believe and do that
  • I think its still worth doing something in Sheffield on Spiritual Development to give a bit of a map for fellow travellers
  • Things are complicated, but even harder when simple
  • G20.....?
  • Engage......?
  • Good to be back?

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