Saturday, 5 September 2009

Affirming Liberalism

Check out the two podcasts at 'Affirming Liberalism', particularly the one by Martyn Percy. He argues that churches grow, not by having the right theology (whether Evangelical, Liberal, Emergent), but by getting the simple things right (a warm welcome, relaxed environment, good music and children's work). It gave me hope that an alternative to the churches is possible. What do other people think of his podcast?

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DS said...

Actually only listened to Percy - really liked it. Good for debunking the liberal bogeyman - this is real bible reading Jesus following stuff and appreciated the value placed on dialogue between all ends of spectrum, need for humility, conviction, courage and getting good news out. Don't know if this important strand of church can live to this clear encouragement/challenge but exciting for all if it can. Some of it kind of anticipates my greenbelt post to come in few mins/days when I get round to it