Thursday, 6 December 2007

Canute had the right idea.

Well, its Christmas season again and the whole world is running around in a spin for… (sorry, what was it for again?)

And Canute-like, I feel completely incapable of holding back wave after wave of turkeys, santas grottos, Christmas cards and hysterical children ...

and then there's all the things I HAVE to do because...(why does no one tell me why?) like forcing my way through hoards of people in hot, poorly-vented shopping malls to buy pointless tat the other person doesn't even appreciate.

And then there's the Christmas cards. Why exactly do we spend evening after evening writing cards, either to people we have no intention of ever seeing again, or to people we see everyday? And how many of those people could even recall we'd even sent them a card?

And why. why, why must I be actively involved in turning my children into such selfish, materialistic brats for the entire holiday season? I love my kids very much – I think their great, but do they really need to start spending their leisure hours staring, eyes glazed, at Argos catalogues and TV commercials from early October?


And why, when I complain, am I Mr. Scrouge?

Well, we are barely into December and I for one am beginning to drown under it all - Maybe its time to stop ranting at the waves and just accept defeat - the Christmas ocean is coming in whether I rant at it or not, so I might as well enjoy it - so roll on Meadowhall and Brussell Sprouts!! Let the Gluttony Begin!

But for those who want a more serious attempt at working through some of the issues around Christmas, engage are going to the pub to talk about them. Keep 18th December in your diaries and I'll keep you posted about which pub.

Baa hum bug!