Saturday, 2 August 2008

Ebor Lectures

Ebor lectures are on Wednesday evenings at 7pm at York Minster or York St. John University. The theme this year is "The Challenge of Climate Change: Eco-crisis, Sustainable Living and the Future of God's Planet.
Here are a few that appeal to me - fancy going?
Wed. 29th Oct: "Silence in heaven: Reading Climate Change through the Book of Revelation" by Timothy Gorringe (I've read a few of Gorringe's books and I like them).
Wed. 4th March: "Creation, Ecological Crisis and the Global Poor" by Elaine Storkey
25th March: Rowan Williams - lecture title to be confirmed.
22nd April: "Disturbing the Present" by John Sauven (director of Greenpeace)
6th May: "Consider the lilies of the field: How Luke's Gospel could save the planet" by Mary Grey
I'm sure the full list of lectures will be available on the website soon!


DS said...

Sounds good to me I work in york loads so count me in

Would be good to get an engage calender up on the blog to show this stuff. At least could do one in our google group and a have a link

mark said...

Your wish is my command! (see right hand side of blog)

mark said...

I meant to mention in the blog that admission is free, but by ticket only. To book a ticket e-mail: or telephone 01904 876474. The Ebor website is