Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Greenbelt Highlights!

What were your greenbelt highlights?
Click on "comments" below or write a new post to let us know. Even if we don't know you, let us know what you enjoyed/inspired you about greenbelt this year.
I'm writing this before leaving for Greenbelt in the hope and expectation that there will be lots of good things at Greenbelt.
If you see this before you go, check out ASBO Jesus and CAP when you get there.
happy camping!


DS said...

Overall 3 big ones for me that seemed to be common themes for many -

1) Eucharist - communion is a big thing - I need to work out what this means for my ind/corp life of worhsip welcome and justice

2) Do what you love/desire - I had my usual Greenbelt downer feeling the inverse pride of my own apparent insignificants but this strong theme of Do what God has put in you was and I hope will be very liberating

3)Need... more.... network!

Sadly didn't do enough talking and especially listening with true friends and potential ones - I mean proper talking not talking about abstract ideas but about proper stuff of life

Oh - Loved the St Gregorys stuff they did 3 talks

And Joel Edwards was a beautiful kind, smart and humble man who made me love envangelicals a bit more. He certainly broke a few stereotypes and fleshed out hope of a church together in worship in and service of this mad world

rache said...

at greenbelt this year I enjoyed:
listening to poetry and stories
people being honest
mainly being outside
hanging out with family
sitar east/west fusion worship music (Heth told me I'd like it and I did!)
life is to be enjoyed/do what you love - see schof's comment no 2 above
blast from the past - woebegone brothers last seen at greenbelt 17yrs ago - good grief!
listening to more poetry and stories

Dee said...

1)seeing and spending time with friends

2)enjoyed the St Gregory's talk about glorifying the stranger and particularly the phrase, "the mission of strangers is to redeem the hearts of insiders."

3)enjoyed some comedy

4)beer and hymns

5)Singing "Shackles" and "O happy day" with Riversongz.

6)the festival atmosphere - lots going on, particularly music.

Ben said...

Big highlight was turning up and having our tent already set up... Thx ;-)

Really enjoyed hanging out a bit catching up with old friends. Time always too short, children always too distracting but still really good.

I've come back from gb really motivated - by a lot of things that happened - still trying to piece them all together and make them mean something practical.

Oh and I really enjoyed watching shlomo...

DS said...

Hey Ben - welcome to the blog! Great to have you drop by

Good to meet you at GB and you are so right - whats my actual response?

Not how can 'I' change the world and bring peace (thats already in process Col 1 v20) but how can I play my own part in being at peace, being changed and flowing from that being an agent or 'yeast' of peace/change

mark said...

Really good to see you on the blog, Ben, and even better to hear that you've come back really motivated. Looking forward to hearing what this means for you.

I really enjoyed gb this year - probably more than any year so far.

it was great spending time with old (in the sense of 'not recently acquired') friends and making new ones.

Enjoyed being with my family (though I missed Joe)

Enjoyed sitting in a Bedouin hut, listening to a guy talk about Muhammad. If Christians can regard a Hindu like Gandhi as a role model, why can't they see Muhammad as one. Good point, I thought.

Enjoyed a discussion with Dave Love - very inspiring. A small group of Christians can have a big impact in Local Government when their only agenda is to serve. It was good to learn how and to think that we can make a difference.

A few people mentioned the need to serve God where you are (in workplace, for example), rather than trying to change the world. It made me wonder how engage could help each other to serve God where they are and it made me think about my new role in teaching and what difference I can make there.

mark said...

Incidentally, there are some great vids of this year's greenbelt at:

Including interview with ASBO Jesus - its so cool to see him in the flesh!

Carlo said...

Hey Mark,

Just to say I took the time to have a look through your blog and I think it's great.

A lot of the themes are areas that me and my wife have been wrestling
with over the past couple of years.

Have added it to my feed reader. Will no doubt chip into the discussions from time to time.

Take it easy

mark said...

Its really good to see you on here, Carlo.

Its really good that there is lots you relate to on this blog. I know for sure that we would value your contributions and insights.

Hope to see you on here again!