Tuesday, 23 September 2008

A surprising poem of hope

Perhaps this is in part a response to Mark's post below. It was on Jesus Manifesto (good guys good guys) and was inspired by NT Wright's book Surprised by Hope (I have a spare copy if anyone wants to borrow it?).
The Kingdom of Heaven has captured my heart
the more I feel it’s power take root
the more I yearn for Beauty and Justice

Today, I thought about buying a building
something old, abandoned, ugly
and turning it into a castle for the Kingdom

A sanctuary
stain glass replacing iron bars
a hedge of roses instead of the fence that everyone expects in this neighborhood…

I want to see a sick person get well again
not so they’ll listen to me, or attend my church, or go to heaven
but so they can know, like I know - the kingdom of heaven is near

I want to be a portal to an alternate universe a stitch where the fabrics of heaven and earth are sewn close
I want to write the most beautiful words I can imagine
and paint them on a billboard over ads for beer and cheeseburgers

I want to walk these city streets till all the walls crumble
build porches for all my neighbors
and sit and talk about how great the Kingdom is starting to look.

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