Monday, 3 November 2008

Christmas Offer - Direct Action Anyone?

OK, you remember Clarion events and their purchase of a number or Arms fairs, well they are doing a wonderful show in London called......wait for it......'The Spirit of Christmas'! Hence the image.
If you fancy a bit of Direct Action then why not e-mail these folks with a polite call to remember the real spirit of Christmas.
Here is some background to help you do your e-mail.
Anyone got any thoughts on the real non violent / peace loving / empire subverting / healing saving message of Christmas? A nice slogan would be good as well so we can mail it to these guys a 'few' times!


DS said...

Love it - Protesters dressed as Santa with a sack full of guns will be attending the fair -

mark said...

Thanks for this thought provoking post. I like the comments by Ekklesia:

"We have just entered the run-up to a season where the media will be full of stories about whether someone or other is trying to 'do away with Christmas'. Many of these stories will end up being untrue, with some anxious Christians over-reacting to wild rumours and a few over-sensitive public servants trying to avoid offence by excessive politeness. None of this squabbling really matters - but companies propping up an international trade in arms which wrecks lives and destroys communities? That surely matters a great deal. Campaigners against the collusion of the 'Spirit of Christmas' expo with the big weapons exporters seem understand something important about the real 'reason for the season'. Hopefully we will all learn from this, including those who think they 'own' Christmas."