Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I am mostly thinking...and you?

Apologies for posting being so infrequent.

At the moment I am most thinking....

Guilt / retributive Justice is not transformational, Grace and distributive Justice is. Not just at systemic level but personal level - walking 'in Christ' in the spirit' is transformational in every 'now'.

How to interpret the poss pseudo Paul bits on the NT where we encounter not the radical Paul but the conservative and anti Paul's

About the wonderful possibility of being 'Called Again' by God in a desert/post-critical place

Revisiting Hosea teaching I did a few years ago and poss sharing it at new Church to inform need to 'green' our big list maintenance work

I am mostly reading/sucking up podcasts on bizarre array! -

John Stott, Process Theology, Bent down Jesus, Paul Riccour, Alan Jamieson, Rita Brock on prostitution (gee arn't I the proud/sad pomo eclectic), Fresh Expressions in Sacramental tradition

Also digging the Israeli funk of The Apples (inc their sweeeet cover of 'Killing in the name of') who are playing...

Greenbelt - really looking foreword to it and catching up with folk over beer & hymns. Also won't miss hasidicish magic of UK's finest, as feat here in 2007 Dan le Sac & Scroobius Pip

Whats going on for you?

Maybe see you at GB

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mark said...

1. How to interpret the pseudo Paul bits... To be honest, I've thought about this a lot and I've contemplated a few strategies - a) take 1 Tim out of the canon. For me, 1 Tim is the most difficult. The canon is after all not as fixed as we like to think. But, even if this was right course of action - who has the power to take it out? Not me, for sure. b) recognise that there are good bits in the bible and less helpful bits. It is not consistently liberating. c) accept Brueggemann's contention that texts that appear not to be radical, with a little thought become liberational. This, it seems, is an act of faith. Help my unbelief! d) reader-response - make the text say what you want it to say - make it liberational!that's it, I'm afraid - any other options?

2. are you being 'called again'?

3. Revisiting Hosea - I definately think you should put something in writing about this. I don't know of anyone saying this about Hosea - it could be very helpful.