Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Rediscover Bible in Community

Check out great interview with Tim Conder on Homebrewed Christianity about 'Rediscovering the Bible in Community' and some stories from his church.
Felt big echo of my own dream of church - an open and authentic, contemplative and sacramental community of grace and peace in action.
Love the stuff around on:
Place of christ/spirit/text in community (u know we love respecting the text (God of) round here)
Provisional humility and providing space for faith not control to coerce
Church as transformative organism

Shape and form of Emmaus Way similar to lots of my experience but also combines open ethos, self aware deep church and human diversity and sacramental patterning of life - all of which are kids I would chose to hang with (tooooo.....many.....y...ank....podcasts..lea....ding to 'impiremergant' hegemony....and....use ...of...strreee...t...talk!)

So hey, big up Tripp and Chad (must get us deconsied soon) for continued interstellar blue snowball goodness (just listen a bit) and peace to Emmaus Way. Go buy the book - the angels of amazon are winging mine to me as I type (click book above for link).


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tripp fuller said...

You are always one step from Deacon-hood. Listen to the voice in your heart as it calls to you.

Thanks for the link love.