Friday, 23 May 2008

Conviction / "I ain't woolly I am your brother" / Prophetic Voice

Here's two ends of a spectrum (that is perhaps a little microcosm of much of the 'conservative' v 'emergent' debate) - and confusingly I agree with them both - But "I ain't woolly, I am your brother" (The Hollies tune..? - come on)

A different way? This gets me thinking of the fearless prophetic voice that echo's through the Old Testament and particularly through Jesus' own words.

The voice that says confidently and clearly ..... that grace is more inclusive than we would allow, that justice is for all and the fruitfulness of creation is for all, that the kingdom is far more embracing than the short arms of religiosity, that the systems of guilt, debt and uncleanliness are not real ... that the lines are not ours to draw. That God is real, is here and is both opponent and judge of the oppressor and merciful father to the fatherless, that I am both the oppressor and fatherless, that I can be saved by, included and involved in this voice going out and speaking with conviction of truth that power needs to hear and mercy that the crushed need to feel.

That voice calls us to fore go the pinning down that limits and excludes but take up the challenge to prophesy and suffer in order to redeem an enslaved world - you know??!!

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mark said...

I love the vid. (I also love his one about teachers) I agree with everything you (and he) said. We could all do with hearing more conviction in the cause of injustice. I wrote my post before reading yours - so it was in no way intended as a comment on yours. Interesting that both are about similar themes - yet I think they are all true and all have their place.