Saturday, 3 May 2008

The Gospel According to Parkour - Do We.....?

Do we move through the world with creative, subversive grace?.. with lithe and fresh courage?.... throwing shapes that imbue beauty to ugly things? Perhaps as followers of Jesus we should - pop your eyes on this.........and be inspired to live in the same world differently

Here's a challenging one for me - do i/we redeem and transform the world as people see it, God in me/us and in our world, showing that the impossible is possible even in our weak body's, city's, systems, etc?

(Forget 'onward christian soldiers' surely this is a much better metaphor for today (just need someone re dub it with a decent tune and come up with some new words ? Anyone?))


mark said...

I think Parkour is a fantastic metaphor for the Christianity. I've always loved the way Parkour takes the unattractive bits of the urban landscape and does something creative with them.

Onward Christian Parkour

Johnny said...

Off subject:

Just bounced in from Jason Clark's blog & thought I'd say "hi".

Was in Sheffield earlier in the year, and posted about it here:

Peace & blessings