Friday, 16 May 2008

Down with the kids

You might notice a few enhancements to the Engage site over the next few weeks as we try and kick start things a bit. Check out the new chat facility - we will be trialing it soon with some live chat discussions on some stuff that we are kicking the tyres on at the moment. Feel free to have a play and go wild with discussions on whatever. Soap gossip is banned though H & Dee! :-) - seriously if you want to suggest any topics for us to wrestle with together on the Cbox then send them in by commenting on this post and we will get it kicked off.

In the mean time don't forget to get yourself an Engage RSS feed to your reader, mobile etc and if you are sitting there feeling old then hey come on -It's time to get down with the kids!


mark said...

Thanks, Schof. I know its probably because I'm old, but when you wrote "get yourself an Engage RSS feed to your reader, mobile etc", you could have written "hudfiwf hkd hfuwe.kjh *y" and I would have been none the wiser. Can you explain to an old man?

DS said...

Lots of pages on the web (such as ours now) have 'feeds' that you can subscribe to so when any new content comes out you get it straight to you pretty much how you chose eg in email, Google reader, mobile etc - its great.

here's a helpful link -

I have set ours so we can see the stats on how people are using our stuff - if they do at all!

Dee said...

I think the live chat thing could be good - I would like to talk sometime (on live chat or some other way) about our true purpose as Christians - only a small question then!! My traditional view that I have grown up with has been challenged in the last few years - that of evangelism, evangelism, evagelism (in order to get people into heaven when they die). So what should we be doing now? - is there still a place for this kind of evangelism or should all these other things that have been posted and talked about, take its place? Have got some idea of the way I'm thinking about it but would love for others to say what they think in order to help me clarify my views and to be able to move forward and take action!!

DS said...

Thanks Dee thats a great question and one that I would love to hear other people's ideas on - especially no bull, down to earth ,honest contributions (I have a few wider mates from similar backgrounds who might be interested in exploring that as well).

I like the idea that we can contribute as ourselves or anonymously to take the fear factor out of exploring it.

I think your question would be a good place for us to start.