Friday, 6 June 2008

An idea

Here's an idea to move us forward:

How about we identify an issue (we ask people for ideas). Ideally it is a local issue of poverty/disenfranchisement, although world issues might also work.

We then find out everything we can about it (we make it a collective enterprise), with the following goals:
  • To be informed.
  • To identify 2-3 things we can practically do about it (even if they are small things)
  • We network with others who are working in this area.

We give ourselves a strict timeframe (3 months?) so as to focus the mind.

We do the things we can do.

It's just an idea... but you never know that one of these investigations might just capture the imagination and open up opportunities for doing things we can actually practically do and really enjoy doing. It might lead us to make invaluable contact with other like-minded people.

What do you think? Other, better ideas or refinements, are more than welcome.

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DS said...


Hope others are up for it - I deff am

Then need to help each other follow this through