Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Scratching your itch!

We seriously want to scratch where you itch! No one want to go to something they are not interested in or are bored by. We do engage because we want to talk about stuff that really matters to us and that engages with the real world.
So, what is that stuff? Where are you itching? Unless you tell us, we'll never know. We are wanting to plan our next Engage Face2Face session sometime in July, but we need to know what you want us to talk about. We really don't want it to be only stuff that Schof and I are interested in? So, where do you itch?
Please, click 'comments' at the bottom of this blog and leave your ideas there.... and we'll all together try to scratch in just the right place!


Laul said...

thanks for the invitation... i like the quote at the top. here's another:

"Our age is without passion. Everyone knows a great deal, we all know which way we ought to go and all the different ways we can go, but nobody is really willing to move."

i would like to look at what we really believe. i.e. what we actually do something about.

for exampple: Do we really believe that God raises up normal people, that the gospel is for 'losers' or 'drop outs'? if we did, wouldn't we all live in the poorest areas and hate Christian celebrity?

personally, i don't think i actually believe that much passed God being a real experience in my life. rather selfish really, but as we're being honest... i mean, sure, i can reel off what i think about the trinity, or missiology etc, but so can we all - thats just what we THINK.

What do you really BELIEVE?

thanks and hello :)

(Rache V's bro-in-law in case you want to know)

Ed said...

Great to meet you at Birmingham Cathedral. If you want a copy of this issue of "A Pinch of Salt" I only have a couple left but will happily send one?



DS said...


Welcome! and thanks for the 'searing honesty'.

We are walking through 1 John at church at the mo and it struck me how almost everywhere the bible talks about what we falsely break down into faith(v?)works but is actually holistic trust (ie Abraham credited as righteous for the fact that he shifted his ass into an adventure of trust not ticked the boxes) it constantly says not do you accent to the right stuff but do you follow the good path - which is both a decision and an action.

Does this mean everyone should move into the local estate though? I think it means everyone should walk together in the spirit and go where it leads (and the 'together' bit hopefully corrects us if we all chose middle class suburbia!) Just a thought - i know you'll be back....