Sunday, 15 June 2008

Picturing Dissent!

Two pictures of dissent from two very interesting people. The one at the bottom was drawn by the naked pastor (see link). He has some great images on his website. I imagine this one to be a depiction of how we as Christians want to fight any hint of tyrrany in the church. Its a valid concept, although I'm not sure about the martial imagery. I also wonder whether there is a time for people to 'grow up' from venting their spleen at church and move on to the tyrrany in the world at large. I could be wrong, but I personally find a long-standing anti-church stance unattractive. I find challenging injustice and oppression outside the church more attractive.
The one at the top was drawn by Banksy (a Bristol graffiti artist). This one is an example of a piece of his graffiti. Some of his stuff (not all) is really making a subversive point about the establishment. Imagine the picture on a street in Bristol. Graffiti by its nature is a statement of dissent. I imagine this picture sums up his mission to be subversive through the very peaceful means of pictures and graffiti. I love the idea of someone angrily throwing a bunch of flowers at the injustice and oppression in the world. Anyone got any thoughts?


nakedpastor said...

very cool! my cartoon was actually inspired by Banksy's image of the flower thrower. cool connection.

mark said...

Great minds clearly think alike!