Friday, 4 July 2008

Banksy Bouncing #2

So - what you make of this....


mark said...

I know this is very anal and I know its because I'm teacher - but I have to say this as another 10 posts like this and its really going to bug me:

Please, please, please take the 'e' out of Banksy!

Brilliant idea, though, Schof.

DS said...

Yes Mark - anal but true

Anyway - this image has even more resonance to me as I just got 'displaced from my role' and have to apply for my own job again (6 times in 5 years!). Do I fear and stress that I might get catapulted off the treadmill or rest in the King and his Kingdom, enjoying the hundred times more, big family and shared fruitfulness.

Actually, having just said that, it makes you wonder about climbing back on the beast tomorrow morning anyway. Although, I have to ask myself - am I helping others to prise themselves out of the ATM claw and 'seek first the kingdom and its justice'?