Friday, 11 July 2008

Two Great Podcasts fron N&J - Shane Claiborne & Pete Rollins

Pete Rollins with Nick and Josh - I was knocked sideways by his simple now obvious comment on fore-givness at about 17mins Click here

Shane Claiborn with Nick and Josh - Click here - and check the Litany that is refered to here


rache said...

listened to pete rollins podcast, not got to shane yet. i think you get something more listening to a person, rather than just reading what they write
anyway ta for drawing attention to forgiveness bit - i hadn't thought of it in that way either - really good

mark said...

I really recommend "On Forgiveness" by Richard Hollingway. It helped me a lot - very balanced, but also inspiring. He makes a lot of Derrida's statement. You might not agree with all his theology, but he's great on forgiveness.

I also like Rollins' comment: "I do not believe Christians are called to believe in the resurrection of Christ, but to be the resurrection of Christ."