Friday, 11 July 2008

Banksy Bouncing #3

Hopefully this one might tie in with Marks post below and also 'How Much?!'.

So - Whats this one make you think, feel, want to do?

Answers on a postcomment


mark said...

I pledge allegiance to the bag of the United Stores of Tesco and to the consumer monoculture for which it stands, one monopoly under God, with the same Tesco products for all.

I'm sure someone can do better than this. Where are the creative minds out there?

DS said...

I love the prophetic expose of what we are actually 'buying' into on a daily basis and how this implicit allegiance actually rules our lives. What does it look like to have a life ruled by King Jesus?

I have a great short pamphlet/book by Ched Myers on Sabbath economics that is a wonderful treatment of this stuff and really opened my eyes to the economic under/over tones of many of the Jesus stories and saying in the gospels - Shout me if you want to borrow it or get it here -

More info on Sabbath economics here -

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