Friday, 4 July 2008

Re refining Schof

Thanks Mark

Your point that there should be some concrete intent to move from (conceited? - me saying this not you insinuating it) reflection to positive kingdom building action is a really good and welcome call. I like that we can be honest in dialogue not just when talking out to blogosphere space. So thank you. You know, very honestly - I did think about it as I posted. Here's what I thought:

I know what my reaction to this (Banksey #1) is but I won't share it as it might close down debate and someone else might miss out on verbalising their own reaction (which can be very helpful to do I find)

That is very open to critique but I do struggle with the fact that a few hundred years ago, before time and space got so compressed, I would have probably lived in a pre industrial agrarian community and know about 30-40 people well and my horizons would have been pretty defined (unless I was upper class or new money). That means my opportunities would have been limited but also relatively defined. Now I enjoy unimaginable wealth and freedom of opportunity compared to that age but I envy the simplicity and focus of that time when I could more easily scope out the world of difference that God might want me to make (although he might have wanted me to nail 95 things to a door which would help lead to all of this!).

I know that is a massive simplification but in a world where I could now conceivably keep in touch with everyone I meet and reach into the lives through giving our volunteering of millions of the worlds neediest I find it really hard to know what to prioritise.

Over the last year or so I have come to a conclusion around, and heard in the emergent conversation an encouraging new emphasis about the real, central role of the Spirit in leading, guiding and empowering our action in the world - no really, lets get the trinity in place again - the REAL person of God indwelling us and us experiencing the leading, power, gifts and fruits of the Spirit of the living God. So I am interested in much of the Pentecostal movement and even more interested in how I walk in the spirit.

I guess I dream that I/we will quieten ourselves enough and seek enough to divest ourselves of the pride of busyness and expend ourselves in 'what god wants us to do' which sounds very woolly but what else are you going to do?

So - I want to be about orthopraxis - practical, creative and 'lovefull' things done for the other but I know I can't change the world - but I can humbly partner with Jesus who has, is and will.

just me....?

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mark said...

Good comment, well made. I think what you said was behind my post "Guantan amo Bay!" (which weirdly came up after yours). I wanted us to talk praxis, but not with an overwhelming list of things to feel guilty about - rather one or two things we felt really motivated and inspired by.