Friday, 4 July 2008

Guantanamo Bay!

Schof's blogs about Guantanamo have got me thinking. First, I thought we should do something about this - not just talk about it. That is, after all, what we've all been saying isn't it? Our spirituality feels a bit shallow if its not backed up by action. I like Laul's suggestion that if we don't do anything, then we don't really believe. So, I found a website with a few really helpful things we could do about Guantanamo:

But, all this got me thinking about what kind of things we want to do. Do we want to be a group who pops out an occasional list of things we can do - letter writing, petition signing - that kind of thing?

Do we want to be the kind of group that organises gigs/awareness raising stuff / money raising?

Do we choose something that is really on our hearts to focus on or spread ourselves lightly on any subject that comes our way?

Do we just encourage each other's activities rather than have specific "Engage" activities?

Do we want to be involved in local areas of need offering time and advice?

All of the above are perfectly legitimate, but honest, realistic answers to these questions would be helpful.


DS said...


How about us doing a Guantanamo 'Watch and Act' screening of 'Road to Guantanimo'

People are invited to research Guantanimo and especially things that we might be able to do. We then all get together to watch the film and then share and DO (on the night or that we can sign up to) the things that we can.

I am happy to kick of organising and sort a venue

What do you reckon?

Think that this kind of format might work well for us for other stuff as well

mark said...

Interestingly very similar to the idea I had!!

DS said...

Mark and I had great chat last night over beer, pool and Nadal victory about getting this event on in Autumn - will be trying to get a few folks together to scope it out a bit more, gather people's ideas and get it moving between us all. Watch out for more details and let us know here if you would like to be involved in any big or tiny 'just interested right now' ways