Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Engage Podcast 2 - Slow down - we lost someone

Here is engagepod2. Just click on the picture to get it or use the podcasts tab on the right to go to our podcasts page.
Another quick one but the first of a series of pod reflections on the current economic slow down and the thoughts it triggers.
This one is about the disappearing person-hood of 'human capital' - people valued only for their product. Sadly this logic is not just out there but also perhaps in us as the church - Yikes!
Next on the agenda are 'Debt' (prep for the next engage F2F?), 'Shalom', and 'Where does our help come from?'.
It's just a starter for ten and my real interest is how we might help each other re imagine the good life as it might be lived in our own context - oh, and then to try and live it of course!

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