Sunday, 19 October 2008

Noise fast

In the last few days I have noticed something really disturbing. Well actually I have been using it to comfort, to distract. It's noise. I very very rarely live a waking moment without noise - Work, TV, Music, Internet, Books (even theology books). It's all noise that I am using to prevent the awful prospect of being alone, alone with myself and with God. What am I afraid of? I have distracted myself to such an extent that I am not actually even sure.

Our culture bombards us with enter/info -tainment perhaps like a master magician to distract our attention from the simple sacred scary realities of living and being. This noise quietens to background white the still small voice of God presence and the necessary disquiet that resonates in our mortal souls, the whispers of conscience and the feint echo of call to community and communion with those around us and the divine within.

I am tired of the noise, like a victim of a noisy neighbour I am worn down by it. Yet I have a choice, a privilege. I can turn much of it off, or at least ask God to help me overcome my noise addiction every time I reach for the 'on' button.

God help me to find the discipline to fast from noise enough to hear your sound scape in me and the world around me, the notes and melodies of love and grace that my dissonant self and my discord tending relationships need to hear.

So here's to hearing the voice that says in the quiet 'perfect love casts our fear', even fear of quiet itself.


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