Saturday, 4 October 2008

Liberation Theology comes to Engage

In Engage we don’t just want to take action, we want that action to arise out of our spirituality. See previous post on this.

To do this I suggest we experiment with the method of Liberation Theology. Liberation Theology has its critics (and some of those criticisms are valid), but one of its real pluses is the way it has transformed the way we read the Bible.

Before the innovation of Lib Theol people approached the Bible first and sought to draw insights from it. Then Liberation Theology came along and started with our experience. This experience led to theological reflection, which itself led to action. This action created a new experience upon which to reflect theologically and so the cycle goes on.

Here’s my proposal:
1. We choose a topic of contemporary relevance:
This could be guantanamo, the sex trade, debt, the global financial crisis, the emerging church, being honest with yourself – anything that floats your boat.
2. We ask someone (Schof!) to blog about it - giving us a brief but not superficial overview of the issues.
3. We meet up in late October and bring with us any biblical texts or other aspect of Christian tradition that resonates with the issue we are thinking about.
4. We explore these texts and traditions. Some will be more useful than others.
5. We seek to end with some action points.

The hope is that the action we take arises out of our experience and theological reflection.

So, three questions for you: Is this something you would like to be involved in? Is it a good idea – can it be tweaked? What issue would you like to tackle?


rache said...

I like this idea. No topic suggestions just now but I'll have a think.

DS said...

Really up for it.

Love the way no one brings 'the' privilaged view and everyone can take part and benefit everyone else. Also very accountable way to approach the bible if everyone is being honest (not group thinking).

Feels like it might be worth inviting any local Anabaptists as they love this sort of thing with a christ centred twist and there is no study group for them in sheffield (actually i think I might be one!)

Think debt seems like a topical one!!