Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Welcome / Nick off!

Timely words from Naked Pastor here. Engage or anything we are all involved in must surely be non violent in every way towards people. No 'emerging/emergent/whatever naff label' or personality/celebrity cult, 'trendy wendy radicalism' fascism please. It's not about being against, its about being for. Its about accepting, loving and benefiting not reconforming people to a particular model. Jeepers I can do without models right now. If you want to humbly explore what it might mean to try and follow Jesus and lean into the future that the Christian story envisions, or just want to kick around your questions in a safe environment, or just benefit in any way at all from us falteringly working all that out then you are most most most welcome. If you want to start a movement to remake everything in our image, with all respect, nick off! - just being honest, its best that way :-)

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