Monday, 6 October 2008

Engage Podcast 1 - Pop Goes Shuffle Worship

Welcome to the first ever engage podcast - just click the image above to get it or go to our podcast page
Nothing high brow to kick off with just a quick journey through some recent books, ipod contents and a crazy pop new monasticism idea called 'Shuffle Worship'.

It's under 30mins so grab a listen and let me know what you think and what we should do for the next one? Enjoy.


Shane Claiborne (see 'the simple way' link on blog) -


rache said...

I listened to this earlier and enjoyed it - thanks! I like the idea of shuffle worship. I have frequently been very inspired by all sorts of music I listen to - been reminded of really important things about God and life and what it's all about. Half hour drive through the edge of the peaks to and from work is a good time for me to have a listening space. Sometimes can be a quite profound experience. Of course, I don't think the idea of sharing that WITH OTHER PEOPLE would have occurred to my introverted self, but hey - I'd give it a go!

rache said...

also would like to borrow one of those jim palmer books- they both sound interesting.

Dee said...

Thanks - made good listening and was thought provoking. I have had times of being provoked to think about God from listening to pop songs so would be interested in trying it out (without Chris Moyles voice interupting maybe!!!) - might like to do it by myself first before doing it with other people!

Am also really enjoying Jim Palmer's book - his lighter style as you described it certainly suits me and he definately reinforces what you are saying. Think I'm going through a what does my Christianity look like stage - I could tell you what it is no longer but not sure I could answer the former yet, so am up for trying things that will help me to meet with Jesus in different and exciting ways. So bring it on!!